If you want to be a part of a community of people committed to pursuing a common goal of becoming better, then Team Strength is the place for you.

At TS we train to be better LIFE ATHLETES.

What does training like a LIFE ATHLETE mean?

A LIFE ATHLETE trains to live the highest quality of life possible. LIFE ATHLETES train to have the physical ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want, for as long as possible throughout their life. This is our greatest mission at TS: To be the catalyst! We want to change the world by cultivating LIFE ATHLETES.

Health and fitness are a lifestyle.

Our bodies are in their current state because of the way we are living our lives. If we want to affect change in our bodies, we must make changes to our lifestyle.

Accordingly, at TS we don't "work out", we PRACTICE!

When athletes train, it’s called practice.
When doctors work, it's called their "practice".
Similarly, your Health and fitness are your own LIFESTYLE PRACTICE.
At TS we train in a manner that has an EVERYDAY impact on improving your lifestyle. 

To function optimally as humans we require a baseline level of physical and mental capacity. The necessity for  this functional ability is universal to all age and gender ranges and differs only by degree not kind. This is the driving force behind our Foundations program

Our foundation movements are universally valuable and essential to optimal performance in LIFE. 

How many times a day to you sit down and get back up? ie. Squat

How often do you have to pick something up off the floor including yourself? 

ie. Deadlift, push up, pull up

The ability to perform these movements is essential to maintaining functional independence in LIFE and must be placed at the upmost priority.

Our Values:

We keep a short list of values to maintain a sense of direction and purpose with all of our endeavors. We are constantly mindful of each of them.

T.E.A.M. - We keep one all-encompassing value. Simply that together, everyone achieves more. We foster an energetic and supportive community that thrives both on the spirit of competition and, even more so, on the spirit of compassion. We are all responsible for each other's successes, failures, growth, education, and safety. We will hold no responsibility higher than that of caring for our fellow LIFE ATHLETES. (I.e. we give a damn about each other.)

Education and Growth - There is neither a beginning nor an end to either education or growth. We hold ourselves responsible to continuing our own learning, to welcoming new insights, and to improving constantly.

Safety - What is understood doesn't need to be discussed. We act only with awareness, intention, and precision. We ask questions constantly. We pay attention to ourselves and to everyone around us. Everyone is everyone else's eyes and ears. You ain't cool with it? Well, it's not hard to find the door.

Excellence - We value excellence at Team Strength only insofar as we value constant, and never-ending improvement. We strive for goals, and then we shatter them and set new ones. We agree with each other that we are responsible only for bringing forth our greatest effort in all of endeavors and interactions at Team Strength and outside of it. 

Wow - Our lives are full of "Wow" moments. At Team Strength, we make "Wow" a daily habit. Our coaches will "Wow" our athletes with their thoroughness, compassion, attention, and zeal. Our athletes will "Wow" each other as they systematically smash every goal they set for themselves. Our TEAM will "Wow" our community and bring a new spirit and vigor to the practice of health, strength, fitness, and wellness. 

The journey is ONLY beginning:

From our years as athletes and a coaches the only thing we've learned is that we still have a lot to learn.

You must remain a "FOREVER STUDENT". Having the humility and fortitude to keep your mind and body open to learn and grow is the greatest key to success.

The "best" training plan is the training plan that works. Or should we say….The one that works for you!

We will not do the job for you, but we will give you all of the tools necessary to build the LIFESTYLE PRACTICE that you desire. These are:

These are the keys to success.