Our goal is to cultivate the growth of a community of people who work together to help Motivate & Encourage each other to reach and surpass their goals in Health, Fitness, and LIFE!

Since coming to the Omni in October 2012, I have seen a dramatic increase in strength and endurance. I have taken Fight Club, Kettle Bell Boot Camp, and, now Team Strength. Although the program in just getting through the starting stages, all the skills and tools I have learned have brought me to this point. I honestly could not have gained my strength and gotten over previous rotator cuff and elbow injuries without this class. The trainers are class acts and incredibly knowledgeable and know what their doing. All the tools they teach you build upon themselves and they make you do all the movements safely, efficiently, and effectively. This program incorporates so many elements, kettlebells, cross-fit, and conditioning that it is hard to pass up and it is very fun. Overall, my trainer, Rhuben Williams, put it best with my progress. I could easily kick my own ass from when I first started. I would never imagine training a different way.
— David Conners
Team strength has already made positive changes in my fitness. I can see more definition in my arms and legs. In general, I feel more confident in my appearance and excited to share with my friends the details of my workouts. Team strength provides exciting and stimulating workouts that are extremely challenging both mentally and physically. I can see a change in my outlook on going to the gym.
I am genuinely excited when I have the opportunity to work out with the team and am continuously learning new skills.
— Melissa Miller
Team Strength is a massive confidence booster, it makes me push myself harder than I ever would on my own, our team gives so much support and encouragement, when you feel like you just can’t push any harder or when it feels like that last rep is going to be impossible you look around to see and hear your teammates, your friends cheering you on and literally spotting you every single step of the way! It’s amazingly fun, I look forward to spending every weeknight possible in the gym with the team and it’s a great outlet for stress.
— Stephanie Kump